The Petrolex Project

A Life Force of Innovation;
As the world evolves and modern realities throw new opportunities, challenges, needs, and wants at us, the human race looks on change drivers to advance new technologies for better living standards and healthier lifestyles.
Petrolex is at the core of the global wheel of progress, constantly exploring new technologies to consistently deliver integrated solutions and a promise of a better quality of life for all.

This is our essence…this is our tradition!

ClientPetrolex Oil & GasServicesBrand DevelopmentRoleProject SupervisorYear2014

The Client

Petrolex Group is an integrated energy conglomerate that provides services spanning across refining, storage, distribution and retailing of petroleum products.

The Task

In a few years, Petrolex would be known as the establishment that built the largest oil tank farm in Africa. And as such, would need a clear cut brand identity framework that would yield both brand recall and brand recognition, across its stakeholder spectrum, one that stays consistent to its brand promise.

The company would then experience significant increase in its market share, following its great achievement.

The Solution

We started by conducting a robust brand audit exercise, that birthed a diagnostic and prognostic report. With this report, we were able to redefine the company's brand identity, proposing a new framework that highlighted resounding brand pillars- Proposition, Positioning, and most especially, a formidable Promise.
With this, it became easy to conceptualize the ideal visual identity.

The Visual Identity

The idea behind the Petrolex logo is "The Atom" – A symbol synonymous with energy.

Visual Language Pattern

The Petrolex visual language patterning is based on the
“Atomic Motif” which is apparent in the company’s emblem.
For spontaneity and flexibity, the motif has been rendered
in varying forms - transparency, solid and reversed
forms - to suit different media and platforms.



reversed red motif

reversed blue motif

solid red motif

solid blue motif


The Result

A focus group survey was conducted, with various individuals representing a cross section of Petrolex Group's stakeholders, to determine the effect and appeal of its new brand identity.

85% of the stakeholders represented were able to recognize Petrolex instantly from the visual language pattern we created. 15% recognized the company directly from the logo itself.

The Brand Recall and Recognition was achieved through the company's CSR initiate conducted in core areas where its stakeholders were adequately represented. Everyone confirmed that Petrolex Group had lived up to its new brand promise through these social brand engagements, and that the initiatives had directly impacted them or someone they knew, hence the instant brand recall.

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