Mental Health Awareness Campaign


Africa’s Health Matters Foundation (AHMF) is a non-profit organization focused on improving awareness of non-communicable diseases on the African continent. The mission of the organization is to make an impact on middle-low income countries, enhancing the lives of people that lack access to healthcare, proper resources, and/or education to live healthy fulfilling lives. Its ultimate goal is to empower young adults on the continent of Africa and in the diaspora to make healthy choices and change preconceived mindsets that may lead to unhealthy behaviors.



The Africa’s Mental Health Matters Campaign has been in existence for two years and I have been opportune to produce video campaign contents for the organization. Each year we meet to discuss the theme for the year’s conference.

From this meeting I create a storyboard that communicates the objectives of the conference for the year, set up a production team, and then schedule a timelines for filming and editing.

These films are then used as publicity campaign material (pre and post), and video content for the conference.


Visit Africa’s Health Matters Foundation to learn more about the organization…