“If you ever wanted to keep a journal and don’t know how or where to start—then this is the book for you!”

The Client

Meet the woman who is brave enough to share her vulnerability in an effort to help other people improve the way they live and the way they view the world as they learn more about themselves through the process of journaling.

In her new book, “The Journal of a Woman with Lived Experiences: A 21-Day Guided Journal,” Shawnta Jackson guides the reader on a journey inward through journal writing.
“The Journal of a Woman with Lived Experiences”, is a well put-together journal written by Shawnta Jackson; A Mother, Social Activist, Author, and Speaker.

The Task

Shawnta wanted to create a 30secs video, where she summarized the essence of the book, to aid sales.

During our first meeting, I listened carefully to Shawnta’s idea and had to quickly conceptualize a more befitting approach that would deliver more value, resulting to a longer video duration. I creatively presented my ideas to her, and she fell in love with it immediately

Creative Approach

The job was to convey the essence of the journal through a promotional video.
First I had to identify her target audience, understand their shared experiences, and ultimately tell a story that would achieve emotional connections.


I decided to film Shawnta in an environment that helped her easily tap into her vulnerable side. The options were a library, an isolated part of her home, and a mini-movie theater. But I wasn’t going to go for a green screen, because i wanted to achieve a more realistic connection to her audience.
I finally chose to go with the mini-movie theater because I could easily manipulate the environment with creative lighting, to set the mood for her to be relaxed and easily vulnerable, as well as connect with her audience by demanding their undivided attention.

Broll-  For brolls, I also decided to film the pre-launch event for the book, and capture moments from the event to show the  direct impact of the book on her live audience.

The Result

Shawnta had fun during filming, and was more that amazed when she received the Promotional video.

The Video has received over two thousand view on Instagram, it has also been played on several TV programs during her book launch tour. Also referrals from the video has also landed me more video production jobs.


Client: Shawnta Jackson (Social Activist/Author/Speaker)

Service: Promotional Video

Role: Creative Director, Videographer, Editor, Sound

Year: 2020

Link: shawntajackson.com/about

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