Keller Foundations

“Keller is the world leader in geotechnical construction and deep foundations. With a North American presence of over 100 years, Keller operates as the market leader with over 50 offices throughout the US and Canada. By connecting global resources and local experience, Keller develops innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to geotechnical challenges.

Filming Keller Projects

For confidentiality reasons, I cannot publicize most of the projects done for Keller Foundations, except for this 2d animation above. This animation was created to be used as an intro for Keller videos, as well as transitions for videos and corporate events.

The goal of creating this short video was to emphasize the services of Keller, in ways that can easily be understood by the public. So I decided to focus on highlighting the three main business functional areas, which are Ports & Harbor, Industrial & Manufacturing, and Infrastructure, to capture work done by this huge organization.

The Result

This video has been used as an intro to all training video materials for both new and old employees, as well as a screen backdrop at the office reception areas.